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7 tips to be a better cyclist

7 tips to be a better cyclist

Cycling is a sport that has more and more followers every day. If you're reading this right now, it's probably because you also like to practice it. It has so many fans because it's very grateful, as we can notice how we improve our records much faster than with other sports. But sometimes, some people feel stuck and can't make progress. Here are some tips for you to enjoy your bike and get to be a better cyclist.


It's the basis of any sport. You have to go out with the bike for a couple of hours for two or three days a week. If the weather is cold, between two or four weekly indoor cycle classes. This way you'll get to tone your body and get stronger.


A good diet is essential to face the loads of training and not faint. Think that food is your fuel, so elaborate a diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, cereals, fruits and vegetables.


Many times a cyclist encounters prolonged climbs and you have to make great efforts for which you need strength and endurance. So you know, train in the gym with weights to increase your strength.


Join a cycling club so you can go as a group. You'll be more motivated and will help you learn from others. You'll share great moments and will make great friends.


Try to go with people who are stronger than you and try to follow their pace to overcome your limits until you know yourself well. Effort is the only way to achieve results.


It's very important to learn to control the bike in the terrain you roll. Curves, climbs, descents... Try to improve your technique section by section as many times as necessary.


Analyze the routes you're doing to get to know them well. This way you'll improve your technique, dosing your strength and valuing the training doses needed to evolve as a cyclist.

With these tips, surely you won't take long to achieve better results in your routes. So you know, let's go!

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