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A perfect route

Manual for a perfect route (PART 1)

Cycling has always been our passion, as for many of you. But it's a sport in which you have to be aware of some details before launching yourself on the road. Therefore, we have compiled some tips to enjoy this wonderful sport as it should:

1- Book in advance

If you're coming to spend a few days or weeks on our island and you need a bike, the best thing you can do is booking in advance, as we have a limited quantity and may happen that we don't have the size or some parts you need at your arrival.

2- Make sure you have everything

When making your reservation, keep in mind that you have everything under control. If you are missing something (helmets, gloves, etc.), call us and we'll try to help you as soon as possible so that everything is perfect at your arrival.

3- A map is always welcome

Even if you have your smartphone, it's always good to have a map. Ask for it and we'll offer you one when you come and pick up your bike. Also, if you want, we can suggest interesting routes and places that you will surely love to visit.

4- Bring a tape measure

We recommend you bring something that will help you measure the saddle height, it could be a tape meter or a string cut to the correct length.

5- Check the weather

Before coming to Mallorca, check the weather well. This way you'll be able to know if you need lighter clothes or maybe you need some extra layers.

6- Hydration is very important

A good Hydration is basic for cycling, so it's very important that you don't forget your bottle with water to accompany you all the route.

Here ends the first part of our tips. We are preparing a second part that we'll post on our blog very soon.

Until then, let's pedal!

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