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Bike hire in Mallorca: mountain bike or road bike?

Bike hire in Mallorca: mountain bike or road bike?

From our bike rental service in Mallorca we will point out through these lines the advantages offered by the two most used types of bicycles: mountain bikes (MTB) and road bikes (or road). Although these two disciplines have many similarities, there are many factors that differentiate them, from the surface on which they are practised to the characteristics of each bike.

Cycling in Mallorca: characteristics of road and road cycling bikes

Road cycling in Mallorca is a modality that is practised with a bicycle that is suitable for cycling on roads and other paved roads. Although you may encounter ascents and descents, the surface of the terrain will always be smooth, and this offers you the possibility of practising continuous exercise without too much impact on your legs. Because of the physical requirements, cyclists must train their legs, strengthening glutes, hips, quadriceps and calves.

It is worth remembering that road bikes are ideal for long-distance rides, although you should also consider that you will be more exposed to traffic, which implies a greater risk.

Cycling in Mallorca: characteristics of mountain bikes (MTB)

In the MTB modality, pedalling tends to be slower, but with greater force due to the surface which, in addition to having climbs and descents, is usually quite uneven, which makes it difficult to maintain a constant cadence. Because of the uneven terrain, you lose momentum and traction on the MTB, which means more use of gear changes, as well as greater strength in the arms and torso. It is therefore advisable to have these areas of the upper body strengthened, in addition to the legs.

The main advantage of mountain bikes is their versatility, as they can be used on any type of surface. In fact, you have the option of mounting mixed tyres if you are going to ride on all types of terrain. In this sense, natural landscapes and rural environments are another of the points in favour of MTB. Mountain biking takes place against the backdrop of nature, making it ideal for disconnecting and relaxing.

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