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Bike rental in Mallorca how to use crown changes

Bike rental in Mallorca: how and when will the changes be used?

In this blog post from our bike rental shop in Mallorca, we would like to show you how you can get the most out of changing crowns, especially in the three most common exceptional situations that you have to face at full speed: the climbs, the descents, and the very sharp turns.

It comes in handy if you're not used to riding steep areas with lots of level jumps as you learn to get the most out of your pedaling skills and not get stuck in the middle of the stage. Knowing how and when to use gears will help you get the most out of your bike.

Cycling in Mallorca: how to face the climbs

Cycling in Mallorca is an activity widely used not only by foreign tourists but also by everyone who loves this sport. The island is full of spectacular landscapes and there are numerous routes that you can complete as a professional or a beginner.

There are trails with a specific orography on which some climbs are pronounced. In these cases, it is best to anticipate them and make the change shortly beforehand, never in the full ramp. You have to give a quarter of a hard pedal to accelerate and get a little more speed.

At this moment of inertia, you can reduce the pressure on the pedals so that the transition of the chain from one crown to another is practically empty. Never shift under extreme pressure as the chain could break.

Change the crown on the descents

In these circumstances it's advisable to slow down so as not to run out when you can get around with pedaling as the crown you used on the previous ascent is still locked in place. To find the best combination between chainring and sprocket, it's best to let your ear guide you.

With that in mind, if you notice the chain is making too much noise, it's because it is working at an overly forced angle. So you need to change until the tension relaxes and the squeak completely goes away.

What to do with hairpin turns

In our shop, we also dedicate ourselves to motorcycle rental in Mallorca. These tips are also helpful when dealing with this type of vehicle. As we approach a tight turn, we recommend anticipating the change immediately before braking.

Soar up a crown or two and this way you can get back to your speed and rhythm in seconds when accelerating after exiting. You should try this technique wisely until it instinctively comes out.

In short, at our bike rental in Mallorca, we want you to improve your riding without risking accidents.

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