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Design the Perfect Bicycle Route

Rent March Tips in Puerto Pollensa

At Rent March, we understand that designing the perfect bike route involves more than just picking roads. In Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca, you're fortunate to have a variety of stunning landscapes and routes to explore. Here are some practical tips for creating your perfect bike route, considering key factors, and introducing you to the charming villages you can discover along the way. Plus, if you're looking to rent bikes in Mallorca, Rent March is your go-to destination!

1. Consider Your Fitness Level

Before embarking on your bike adventure, it's crucial to assess your fitness level and set realistic goals. Our recommendations include:

If you're a beginner or have basic fitness, we suggest opting for shorter, flatter routes like a leisurely ride along Puerto Pollensa's promenade or a visit to the peaceful village of Alcúdia, where you can find bike rental in Pollensa.

Intermediate and advanced cyclists can venture into more challenging routes, such as the hills of the Serra de Tramuntana or the iconic Faro de Formentor. If you need to rent a road bike in Mallorca, Rent March offers a selection of high-quality bicycles.

2. Consider the Season

Each season in Mallorca has its own beauty and challenges for cycling:

Spring and Autumn: Ideal for cycling, with pleasant temperatures and less traffic on the roads. This is perfect for exploring longer and hillier routes like the ascent to Lluc or the Route of the Monasteries.

Summer: Avoid the hottest hours of the day, wear sunscreen, and bring plenty of water. Coastal routes, such as the one from Alcúdia to Artà, offer a refreshing and beautiful escape.

Winter: Although cooler, you can still enjoy cycling. Opt for shorter routes and admire the breathtaking views in the hills of the Serra de Tramuntana.

3. Mind the Traffic

Traffic levels on the roads can vary depending on the time of day and season. Some recommendations for dealing with traffic include:

Consult with locals or cycling experts to get information on less congested routes.

Avoid main roads during peak hours and opt for secondary roads or quieter paths.

Always carry lights and visibility gear, especially if you plan to cycle at dawn or dusk.

4. Discover the Charming Villages

One of the joys of cycling in Mallorca is the charming villages you can discover along the way:

Alcúdia: With its walled old town and vibrant weekly market, Alcúdia is perfect for a break and a meal. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Pollença's church during your ride.

Pollença: This beautiful village is known for its main square and cultural festivals. Take the chance to visit Pollença's church during your tour.

Cala Sant Vicenç: A picturesque spot with crystal-clear coves. It's an ideal place to cool off after a day of cycling.

At Rent March, we make bike rental in Pollensa and all of Mallorca easy and accessible for you. Now, you're ready to plan your perfect bike route and discover the beauty of Mallorca in an authentic way. We look forward to seeing you soon at Rent March, so your adventure can begin!

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