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Biker rental in Mallorca for your autumn plans

Biker rental in Mallorca for your autumn plans

Bike rental in Mallorca is a very interesting option to enjoy tourism in the most important of the Balearic Islands. But if you don't want to get so tired, you can also opt for motorcycle rental in Mallorca.

We are going to start from the fact that you want to do a little exercise while you delight in the Mallorcan landscapes, so we are going to suggest some cycling plans in Mallorca that may seduce you. Pay attention.

Motorcycle rental in Mallorca and bicycle rental to move around the island

First of all, we remind you that depending on the route you want to travel around the island, you can use a bicycle (road, mountain, trekking, urban, electric...) or a motorcycle. Also appreciate that knowing these leisure plans, many hotels offer you places to park them.

Without a doubt, this circumstance will make your legs on two wheels more comfortable in the Majorcan territory. For example, did you know that you have more than a thousand kilometers of roads to enjoy cycling in Mallorca?

Also, you have all kinds of paths. From the most mountainous of the Sierra de Tramuntana to some plains that stretch for kilometers. And you can even take a dip in the sections that run parallel to the coastline.

In fact, it should not surprise you that several professional cycling teams choose to train in Mallorca. Its directors know that autumn is, along with spring, the ideal time to prepare for the season on their roads.

On the other hand, the bulk of tourists leave the island, which makes both these routes and the rest zones and leisure quieter so you can complement your sports activities.

Some routes for cycling in Mallorca

Finally, if you like to go cycling, we want to suggest you some legs that you can carry out around the island. Take note of them:

- The first of them runs through the south of Mallorca. We refer to the coves of Santanyí, next to the Es Trenc beach. It is a 40 km journey that you can do in about four hours. You will pass both the cliffs and near the sea.

- From Palma to the Sierra de Tramuntana there are 60 km that you will be able to travel without having to endure excessive slopes. Despite its duration, you can focus this route on leisure, as you will pass through relevant towns, such as Calvià.

- Finally, we recommend the leg that begins in Campos and ends in Artà. You will go through viewpoints and coves, in addition to delighting in the fauna and flora of the Mondragó Natural Park.

In short, bike rental in Mallorca will adapt to your needs to combine leisure and exercise on the main Balearic island.

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