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Cycling in Mallorca

Explanations of why cycling in Mallorca is trendy

That cycling in Mallorca is an activity that is trendy is something that no longer surprises anyone since a few years ago. This corresponds to a hobby that grows, in equal measure, nationally and internationally. 

Every day the number of people who opt for any type of cycling to have a healthy life and be in touch with nature is greater. 

What makes the cycling hobby bigger and the bike rental in Mallorca triggered?

There are many circumstances that make Mallorca a special place for the growth of the cycling hobby. 

The important tradition of Mallorcan cyclists 

You may find familiar names like Guillermo Timoner, Miguel Mas Gayá, Juan Llaneras, Margalida Fullana, Carlos Díaz Codina, Albert Torres or Sebastian David Barceló. All of them are Mallorcan cyclists who, since the 60s and in the most diverse modalities, have reached the highest peaks of world cycling. 

This has been creating a tradition and a special ground in the native population, with numerous active cycling clubs encouraged by the most recent victories in 2014 of the world championship in track cycling starring Torres and Muntaner in the Madison test. 

Special cycling destination 

We know that the special Mallorcan orography and its mild climate have made the island one of the favorite destinations of those who opt for the modality of cycling tourism. 

Mallorca attracts more than 150,000 cyclists every year. The weather and the wide variety of routes are the main reasons for their choice. It's precisely autumn, the last blows of winter in February and all spring the favorite time of these cycling fans to make their routes on the island. 

Mallorca 312

This cycling event has become a world renowned event for fans. It's celebrated in the month of April and in its 2017 edition brought together more than 6500 participants. 

Routes carefully and perfectly marked 

The important involvement of official organizations in the care of this attractive tourist modality has led to Mallorca having one of the best road infrastructure for the practice of this sport. 

These routes are classified by degrees of difficulty, being able to satisfy the demands of the most qualified professionals, but also the newest fans can find their tracks. 

Infrastructure and bike rental in Mallorca

Lodging, good communications, professional shops of great tradition, bicycle rental services in Mallorca with the highest quality, specialized guides and assistance are also important factors. 

We emphasize that cycling in Mallorca is booming. Either with your bike or with the bike rental in Mallorca you'll enjoy a unique atmosphere, incredible places and the greatest professionalism.

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