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elementary circulation regulations

Bike rental in Mallorca: basic traffic rules

Bike rental in Mallorca has become an increasingly common option among visitors who come to visit the island. We can enjoy cycling in Mallorca on some routes and roads that offer spectacular paths, but on the bike, or if we choose to rent motorcycles in Mallorca, we have to respect the traffic rules. Only then we'll live a safe experience on two wheels, so let's remember the basic rules of movement for cyclists, don't miss it.

How to circulate when cycling in Mallorca

When riding on interurban roads, we'll preferably do it on cycling routes. If these don't exist, we have to ride along the right shoulder if it's passable or sufficient. If it's not, we'll go along the essential part of the road, always on the right. Of course, we can leave the shoulder on long descents with curves when we can do it safely. Remember that you're forbidden to circulate in a platoon, you have to go in line, at most two at a time, always in the right space.

One aspect that many cyclists don't know is that we can ride a bike along the side of the dual carriageways, if it is not expressly prohibited. In that case, never leave the shoulder. When you arrive to an urban area, the traffic regulations are similar: you have to ride on the right side of the road, in a column of two at most, and signal maneuvers such as turns or when braking. In no case can we ride on the sidewalks, unless there's a bike lane on them.

Security elements

If we go by bike, the use of the helmet is mandatory. We cannot use any one, it will be an approved helmet. In addition, if we pedal at night we'll have to wear the appropriate lights and a reflective garment to be seen. The front light will be white and the rear light red. It's forbidden to use the mobile phone on the bicycle, and you cannot use headphones or similar devices Nor can you carry passengers, except children under 7 years old in approved seats, and you must respect the alcohol level of 0.5 g / l of alcohol in blood or 1.25 mg / l in exhaled air.

Finally, it should be emphasized that we must respect the indications of the agents and the signals, both the traffic lights and the stops, yield, the zebra crossings or any other signal that we find along our route, both in urban and interurban roads . As you can see, the basic rules of cycling are very simple and there's no excuse for not complying with them. If you obey them, you can take full advantage of the experience of bike rental in Mallorca, and you'll ride safely on its roads.

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