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Everything you need to do a cycling route in Mallorca

Equip yourself for your cycling routes

We can enjoy cycling in Mallorca 365 days a year, but for the experience to be complete we have to go prepared. Also, you can make routes in Mallorca by the sea or mountain, bring your bike or opt for bike rental in Puerto Pollensa. But, to roll safe, you have to protect yourself. The equipment for bicycles is very simple, and goes from clothes to tools and supplies.

Bicycle equipment: what do I need?

We start with the clothes. The ideal is to go with a cycling jersey and bib shorts, although if we talk about the rental of bicycles in Mallorca for an excursion it's enough to have comfortable clothes for sports. The same goes for footwear: shoes with cleats for automatic pedals or sport for conventional pedals. Depending on the time of the year and the weather, a raincoat or windbreak are needed, especially for descents.

Gloves, glasses and helmet are essential. The gloves protect your hands in case of fall and scratch with the handlebars. The helmet - in addition to being mandatory for driving on the road - is a basic safety element. On the other hand, the glasses protect the eyes from the sun, the wind and the particles. If the clothes you have are not reflective or brightly colored, you can wear a reflective band so that other road users can see you.

Before leaving we'll prepare the supplies, which will depend on the cycling route in Mallorca that we've planned. Don't forget the water, and if the journey exceeds 90 minutes you should bring salts, gels or bars. Before any unforeseen, don't forget to leave home with money and your documentation. Finally, you have to be foresighted and go out with a puncture repair kit, an inflator and the multitool to solve any mechanical problem.

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