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Maxi Scooter hire Mallorca

At our scooter hire shop in Puerto de Pollensa (Mallorca)you'll find the right scooter for touring the roads of Mallorca and easy access to the island's best spots. At our shop on Joan XIII street we have a large stock of 300cc scooters for you to choose from for a memorable holiday in Mallorca: visit hidden coves and fantastic beaches, discover welcoming villages in the centre of the island, or visit Palma without worrying about parking... A scooter lets you explore Mallorca easily while you feel the wind on your face!

Find your maxi scooter hire in Mallorca

Rent your scooter here now and have it all ready with all the accessories you want for when you get to our scooter hire shop in Mallorca: straightforward, no waiting times and the best price guaranteed!

Plan your holidays in Mallorca!

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Book all the accessories you need!

As well as scooters from all the best brands, at Rent March we offer you a wide range of motorbike accessories and equipment for your holidays in Mallorca: choose the one you like best, book it and we'll have it ready for when you come to pick up your rental scooter!


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