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Mallorca on Two Wheels

Discover Mallorca on Two Wheels

If you are thinking of taking a different and interesting holiday in which you mix nature, adventure, sport and fun in Mallorca, here we have a proposal for you. Start thinking about a bike rental in Mallorca to meet these goals that we propose. Also, a motorbike rental in Mallorca is a good option if your thing is not so much to do legs.

But any of the options you decide on will be more than enough to take you on an adventurous and fun trip. We bring you several routes that you can do by bike or motorbike on the island.

Routes to do in Majorca

By bike or motorbike, we recommend these four routes to have a good time in Mallorca. Find the one or ones of your choice and enjoy.

Tramuntana coastal road

There are a total of 110 kilometres of road linking Pollença with Andratx, in other words, from north to south. The cumulative ascent of the road reaches 2520 metres and passes through beautiful places such as Coll de Femenía, Can Costa, Coll de sa Gramola, Puig Major, which is the highest point on the island, and Cap des Bosquet. If you want to do something extra, at Puig Major there is a road with a gradient of just under one kilometre, a gradient of 6% and a length of almost 14 kilometres.

Sa Calobra

You won't have to go very far on this route, as it will take place in Sa Calobra, a very pretty place that is mostly devoted to fishing. It is famous for its steep, hairpin bends, as well as the difficulty of the climb up a 7% gradient. It's only 10 kilometres, but what a 10 kilometres! To give you an idea, some sections have a gradient of 12%. If you are not very used to cycling, a motorbike can be an ideal solution.

Cap de Formentor

If there is one route in Mallorca that stands out, it is undoubtedly this one. It runs between the Cap de Formentor lighthouse and Port de Pollença, 20 kilometres with breathtaking views. In the high season, cars and buses are no longer allowed to pass, so it is an ideal place for cyclists.

Coll de Sóller

The road is a paradise for cycling in Mallorca. In 1997 the famous Sóller tunnel was opened, in which all traffic is stopped except for cyclists.

Mallorca is a paradise for cyclists and motorcyclists. Renting a bike or motorbike in Mallorca will make your holidays a real pleasure. What are you waiting for?

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