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Reasons for cycling in Mallorca

Reasons for cycling in Mallorca

If you are travelling to Mallorca, we are sure you are looking forward to spending some unforgettable days of relaxation and tourism. If you are planning the different activities you are going to do, we recommend you to read this article where we analyse the reasons why you should go cycling and rent a bike in Mallorca.

Reasons for cycling in Mallorca

Whether you opt for a bike or a bike rental in Mallorca, these are the main reasons why cycling around the island can be the perfect plan:

The weather

Whether you would like to cycle in Mallorca, or just want to see the best spots on the island, having an alternative method to the car can be perfect.

Thanks to the island's climate, you will surely be able to enjoy each excursion much more if you have a bike or motorbike to fully experience the sensation of freedom it offers.

The surroundings

Mallorca's varied and different landscape makes it an ideal island to enjoy cycle touring. Moreover, there are many places that can only be reached by this type of transport, making the experience even better.

Among the numerous landscapes that you can enjoy from your bicycle or motorbike you can find:

These are just some of the options the island has to offer for those who choose this adventure in Mallorca.


The island boasts the peculiarity of having a selection of the safest cycling routes in the whole of Spain. Among these different routes that you can do when renting a bike or motorbike on the island are:

These are just some of the best routes, but if you want more options, contact your bike rental agency in Mallorca.

Cycling tourism in Mallorca

Due to its exceptional location and climate, all year round is perfect for cycling tourism and fully enjoying all that the island has to offer visitors.

We hope that, after reading this article, you will have a much clearer idea of some of the main reasons why you should go cycle touring in Majorca.

Mallorca has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, more than 450 km of signposted routes for cyclists and numerous natural parks to discover. Remember that, if you don't have a bike or motorbike, you can go to a bike rental agency in Majorca like ours.

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