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winter cycling in comfort

Tips for winter cycling in comfort

If you are a bike lover, you should know that renting a bike in Mallorca is one of the best options, as you can have a perfect bike to ride around the island. Likewise, with motorbike rental in Mallorca you will be able to move around all the areas without any problem, although you should be especially careful in the winter months.

Tips for cycling in Majorca or riding a motorbike in winter

Cycling in Mallorca implies following a series of precautions, although we must be more careful, especially when driving a motorbike, given that the speeds at which we circulate are higher. To begin with, the equipment must be appropriate, although it is true that driving clothes have improved a lot.

In fact, nowadays we can find waterproof and cold-resistant clothing to make motorbike rides more comfortable. In the same way, as soon as you leave home you should check how the asphalt is. If it's grey, it's fine, but if it's darker it may be slippery.

Likewise, we must not overlook the fact that Mallorca, although it is an island, has mountainous areas, so it is possible that ice sheets have formed. And to this we must add greater vigilance and cleanliness of the engine so that we arrive at our destination in the best conditions.

The emphasis here is on the headlights, both front and rear, as these are elements that get quite dirty during the winter. In this case, it is advisable to check them before setting off and if they are a little dirty, wipe them down with a rag for the journey, but then take them to a garage for a good polish.

Winter gloves and clothing

As we have already mentioned, comfort is important and this can only be achieved with the right clothing. So we must have the right equipment, especially to prevent the wind from freezing our hands and body.

On the other hand, tyres and brakes are also important when temperatures drop. As far as tyres are concerned, it is best to try touring tyres, as they need less warm-up time and grip is better in cold weather. As for the brakes, it is advisable to carry out small brake tests before setting off to check that the friction is adequate and that the bike stops.

All in all, both bike hire in Mallorca and motorbike hire are the two best ways to get around the island. Of course, if it's cold, don't forget to follow these tips because they are sure to make your trip even better. Enjoy the island!

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